Siblings Are So Cruel


I am the oldest child in my family. I have one brother and two sisters. One of my younger sisters treated me with cruelty. She said to me, “Leave this room. You cannot use this room. I cleaned this room, you did not. If you do not leave this room I will hit you.”

I replied, “I will leave this room by my own choice, not through force.”

She threw my laptop charger and mattress on floor.

I was angry with her but I controlled my anger. I tried to get her to realize how cruel she was being to me. But she never realized her cruelty. Instead, she shouted at me.

My sister knows what happened to me in the past. It is the cause of my mental health issues. I will write about that incident in another post. Today, though, my sister used the incident against me, saying cruel things. She accused me of being a bad person, that I am to blame and that I’m ruining people’s lives. She blamed me for many things that are not true. Her cruelty hurt me.



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  I wrote this poem because my sisters, once again, hurt me. I’m a little more sensitive then they, so they don’t realize what they say hurts me.I think they should be a little kinder and appreciate their elder sister sometimes an elder child  feels that they need to be perfect  in order to live up to their siblings”expectations.

   MY Sister Hurt Me

         Why is it that sisters tease?
Can you tell me please?
They always make me cry
when I had no mistake.
Why is it me,
They don’t like to see?
All I did was love you!
Do you have no respect?
Or is it ’cause you have
to be perfect?





“Thanks To My Elder Sister”


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My dear big sis, you are the greatest there is,
And amazing in every way.
I greatly admire and look up to you,
Each and every day.
You are always showing how much u care,
From your heart that is filled with love.
You are a beautiful Angel,
Sent from the heavens above.
I am the luckiest Sis in the world,
To have grown up next to you.
We played and laughed and had fun together,
A great bond that has always stayed true.
Big Sis you are always in my heart and thoughts,
And I am always sending you a hug and kiss.
You are my world and I love you so much,
Always and Forever…Your Lil’ Sis.
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“The Feeling OF Friendship”

I feel lucky that some new friends came into my life. They make me  special in their life and give me respect, honor and love. They  guide me in each step. I am very thankful to my new and sweet friends.

I want to say my friends how special  they are to  me.

You are always there for me

When my spirits need a little lift.

I cannot thank you enough for that.

You are truly an extraordinary gift.

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