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My nanny was a strong women .She was look like a angel She hide  own children in their wings.She did loved every children.She cooked very delicious dishes.She made things by own hand like sweater and staler mats and much by using knitting.Me and my nanny was both attached to each other.I lost my nanny in 2014 then i was in grief because i lost my life my love that I was shared each and every thing of my life.She did guide me in each step and i followed her.but after lost her I could not complete her wish that was marry because i was not interested in marry she wants i settled in my new married life.



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She did love me too much .She teach me house keeping.She guide me how to serve guests eatables things and she advice me how I live in life.No one take place of  my Nanny in my heart.My nanny always in my mind and memory she helped me by financial matters.She full filled my all wishes and she protect me when I was child. I did spend many years with nanny.I kept my Nanny memories that she give me by a she live in heaven.I do pray for her  regularly.i could not express what I feel for my Nanny. because she was my life.I talked my life daily and now i miss her each moment.its a big lost our family that we lost our Nanny.



Image source by unknown



when she was alive and far away from then she also miss me too much and talked everyone of mine that how much she loved me her wish was my marry and any possibility I can come with there.but its not happened I could not complete her wish was marry because I was not interested in marry. nanny was known.I wish right now she with me and my life is wonderful and happily. I weep sometime because u not with me and u live in heaven I miss u so much i wish u a live and then with me. I want to say my Nanny u have gone far away from my sight but u will never gone my heart I could not see Ur face but Ur sweet smile is always with me I could not hear Ur voice but Ur echo is in my soul I love u so much i could not tell how much.I remember each moment that I spend with u.its unforgettable.







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