My little sister is 21 years old. She hits me too much. When she is angry, she is hyper-aggressive and she beats me physically like a cruel man. It’s like a movie where I’m in prison and she’s the violent guard. But is is hard because my sister is a special child. While she is 21, her mind is that of a 4 year old. She has the temper tantrums of a child and the strength of an adult.

She was like that today. She was violent throughout the whole day. It felt like every second she was hitting me. She does this in front of my family and no-one stops her. My other siblings encourage her. They tell her she is doing a good job, and watch when she beats me. Every day. Every day she punches me, slaps me, pulls my hair, beats my whole body. When not beating me she is throwing and destroying my things.

I’m tired. I’m tired of the abuse. I want to flee this life, flee this home. I want to stop feeling this pain. I want the abuse to stop. I want to live a normal life.

It is hard, because when her tantrum ends, when she cools down, then she loves me and hugs me. Then I want to show her I love her also.

She is a child in an adult body.

It is hard.

Siblings fighting
Image source by unknown




She pulls my hair
She pulls my hair
She kicks me
She slaps my face and body.
I love her and care for her
Why does she beat me?
No one knows
I weep a lot and cry
Because I am in pain
She hurts me
Please stop domestic violence.




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