My Own Style And Creation


All my art work, whether abstract art, textile, fashion, drawing, still life, live sketching, etc, is entirely my vision. The color palette I use, whether textile colors or poster colors, is my own idea. While I learned a great deal from my parents, who are both designers and artists, I see my own vision for my own pieces.

I am still learning to be make good artist. I live for, and love, color. My art never disappoints me like people do. My art does not hurt me – it helps to heal my pain.

I am very thankful to my new friends who have inspired me work again.

I made my first textile design in 8th grade – a painting on chipboard. In 2006 I experimented with abstract art. My mom had an exhibition and my art piece was bought. Being a teenage girl who sold her first piece, I was happy. I felt I had a talent that I could explore and then share my art. I then made many more abstract art pieces, 100 of them, using canvas, scholar sheets, canson sheets, drawing sheets, card board sheets and my own colors.

My abstract work was selected to be shown in an art gallery, however, my father denied me permission to display my art work. I was extremely saddened at this and fell into a deep depression. After some years in depression, I destroyed all my art work.

I wish I hadn’t done that. I wish at that time i had smart phone then I could show my art work to you today. I am very thankful to my new friends who have shown me new platforms where I can share work with the world.

I love to play with colors. I am a mixed media artist. I use classic colors pencils,  water color and water color pencils,  poster colors,  crayons,  pastels, different number  drawing pencils and  special shading pencils, textile colors, dying colors, enamel paints, glitters,


Life is too short

don’t expect with people 

don’t  waste Ur feelings for people 

who not give  U values

don’t love to peoples

They will always give u pain and do hurt.

if u want to live happy and free tension

so leave love relationships

Love relationship always give tears in Ur eyes

whether colors and art give u happiness in ur heart and eyes

Make a relationship with art and colors

At least they do not play Ur life

Ur feelings and emotions

Life is too short don’t buy roses for loves one

buy art and colors

This is my new abstract art piece. The media I used are pastels, crayons, classic colors pencils, water color pencils, poster colors and textile colors. The poster and textile colors are pigments that are  used for fabric screen printing. I made these colors with the help of my father, using them to fashion my own color palette, my own tints and shades.

Image and art by Jane ji





Image and art by Jane ji


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