Things I Am Grateful For Part 2

Today I am grateful for childhood memories, modern technology and nature.

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1. Childhood memories. Some of my fondest childhood memories are the family trips to visit my grandfather in another city. We would listen to music as we drove through the country, seeing farms, and orchards and greenery. I remember how much I enjoyed those trips, how exciting it was to visit my grandfather.

2. My cell phone. My cell phone is important to me. It is my lifeline to online friends who live overseas. These friends provide me with support. My phone also helps me divert my thoughts away from the negative as I use it to meditate.

3. Flowers. My Nanny loved to grow flowers and I loved helping her take care of her plants. My memories of doing this are precious to me.



Things I Am Grateful For Part 1

Today, I am grateful for the following things:

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1. My Nanny. I am grateful for the memory I have of my Nanny. She was a strong woman who was very supportive of family. She was inspirational and I miss her terribly.

2. My friends. My friends have been very supportive of me during my MH struggles. They listen to me when I need them to listen, and they offer advice when I need advice. I am so very grateful for their support.

3. Teaching. I love to teach.


Sorry for my silence. I have been dealing with a lot of stress and found myself unable to write. I have also been unable to paint.  I am going to try something new for me and I invite you to join me. I am going to use this blog as my gratitude journal, as that is also part of my journey.


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I will continue to post about art, and the other parts of my journey, but I feel it is important for my health to also share the things I am grateful for.