A New Friend

A New Friend

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Amliea’s story

I started watching sicknotweak.com videos with Michael Landsberg in May or June of 2016.  Over time as they increasingly appealed to me, I looked at the sicknotweak.com website and discovered the chat room.  I had never chatted online before, so it was a totally new experience for me.  I was lost for hours.  This was the friendliest community I had ever met, never mind online.  The participants were welcoming and supportive.  I felt heard and was able to support others.   I felt really good about the time I spent chatting and lost over 2 hours to the activity.  So I returned a few more times and met a friend.  Her name is Jane Joseph and she lives in Asia.  We are in totally different time zones, but we chat almost every day on WhatsApp.  Since meeting and chatting with Jane, I have started to eat breakfast, drink less coffee, eat more regularly, and be more aware of when I need rest.  Because I can chat about my symptoms with someone who lives with similar ones, I am able to encourage Jane and she is able to encourage me.  Now in between supporting one another, we work on small online projects.  It has been very interesting to learn about Jane’s culture and her desires to do mental health advocacy work and share her beautiful, inspired art work.  She has encouraged me to consider at least trying an online university course, and I am encouraging her to sell her beautiful art.  We are now more like sisters than just friends and we have never met in person.  The support I receive is invaluable to my well-being, the input and suggestions for self-care from another country has been truly helpful.  We marvel at how different we are, yet how similar we are.  All thanks to sicknotweak.com, I have a friend for life.

Jane,s Story

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I was sharing my depression life story with my eldest cousin, in July, 2016. She told me about SickNotWeak.com and their community, how they help those who are alone and suffering from mental illness.

I went on SickNotWeak.com, made an account and joined the SNW chat community. I had never before joined an online community and I had rarely talked about my depression and life story. When I joined SNW I felt a supportive response from the SNW community. They really do help others who suffer with mental illness.

Daily I went on SNW chat and talked with people and shared my depression illness. Then one day I met a new friend, Amelia. She told me about SNW videos that are very helpful for depression, and told about Michael Landsberg. I then watched the Daily Landsblog. They helped me. SNW inspires me.

Amelia and I first met on SNW chat. Then we connected through Twitter DM. When our friendship grew, we began to connect using WhatsApp. We talk to each other almost daily. She is also suffering with MI and we are so much alike. Our relationship is more than friendship – now we are sisters. We support each other and encourage each other.

Amelia builds my confidence. She guides me in each step of life and teaches me how to protect myself online from bad environments and people. Amelia told me how I can display my art work to the whole world and show people my designing work. She rebuilt my confidence in my art. She guides me on how I can learn through online university courses. She is helping me find better jobs in teaching and designing.

Her moral support is very helpful. Since she came into my life, my life has moved into postivity. I learn a lot from her. We have never met in real life but she is very kind and soft hearted person. She loves me and I also love her. I have no other words to express our friendship.

Thank-you SickNotWeak, for introducing me to Amelia, and giving me the opportunity to make such a good friend who has changed my life.



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Things I Am Grateful For Part 5

Today I am grateful for the blessings I have received

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1. Today I have two blessings in my life one is everyone is praying for me. That God did accept and today my health is better than before days. I am also doing pray regularly and God is kind on me. I am thankful to God that helped me and listen me and my prayers did accept

2. My aunt and mom is happy for me to look happy and feel better and today my aunt did share with me some verses and pray (Dua).  I have to start read and with in few minutes I have seen changes in my health. I saw God’ blessings on me. How much God pity on me. That God did protect me from bad evil things and devil.

Things I AM Grateful Thing For Part 4

Today I am grateful for the wonderful memories.

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1.  I had a memorable days many years ago. I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt in Islamabad. There I stayed 15 days. I was treated with love and affection, almost like a princess. Islamabad was was so calm to visit. There was lots of greenery and I love nature and greenery.

2.  I had joyful moments many years before when I was attending a reception ceremony of my cousin and wedding ceremony of another cousin. There was lots of love and affection as we celebrated. All of us did a group dance. I wore a very stylish bangles and dress that my aunt gave me.



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Things I Am Grateful For Part 3

Today I am grateful for the following things: the kind comment of a student, meditation and the support from my childhood friend.

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1. Today I was feeling ill. A student was misbehaving in class. Seeing my annoyance, another student stood up and asked me to smile telling me “You look better when you are smiling”. His comment brought a smile, for which I am grateful.

2. My online friends have encouraged me to practice meditation. I have started to meditate daily and find it helps me to relax and have an improve sleep. For this, I am grateful.

3. Earlier, I felt sad and missed my friend who I have known since childhood. I listened to a message she left me and realized that she supports and loves me as a true friend. I love her as much. For this support and love, I am grateful.