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This incident had happened  since last three years before when I was go daily there institute as well as he made home basically that bad man ( teacher) do work in house that he were taken on rent but not sure that house his or not he keep only girls to learn this fashion designing on  free of cost but no one known what he has in  own bad mind and plans and have  bad intention That he has own mind basically

He wants labor and wants to do physical relationship. He do and keep other girls physical relationship when any girl not came in his trap then he do kick of that girl just like when I not give him permission to do physical relationship then he touch my body forcefully. One another girl he kick because other girl not made victim of his physical relationship. He is not able to say teacher. He is a criminal.



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Sexual harassment at work. Man touching woman's butt.
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He take work two students one is mine and other girl also of commercial building and home  forcefully house chores.just like washing clothes and other houses accessories and dish washing cooking and pressing clothes. He do clean all house me and another girl because we not give him permission to do and keep physical relationship when he saw these two girls not came in my trap then he do another one magic or did myself his bad man intention was not good. He teach and do learn fashion designing and graphic designing on those girls that make daily victim of his physical relationship.




When he touch my body forcefully then on that day I am go in depression and psychosis disorder. And after I have leave that  place since 2013 17th September  Since 2013 to 2016 time period was too much terrible and panic and i have fear and afraid i wept a lot still sometime I weep. I have still hallucination, illusion, delusion, depression, I am suffering from this illness and try to do fight of this  illness.


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