Image source by unknown


I spend three months  of summer on  that bad institute as well as bad teacher that he was not able to say teacher even human. he is a stain on humanity.  my thinking is say  he is devil. I did work in house chores and art work also I have take first step to make a portrait  and fashion designing in coral draw software. daily when I was go there first do clean whole house and their things he do work forcefully of house chores and even his personal work. He talk with me every time sex to do but I say every time its wrong its sin its only do husband and wife and I am here to learn art and fashion designing not here came sex basically that man not good.



Image source by unknown




Image source by Jane ji


I want to learn paintings but he not want to  teach me about painting and even fashion designing only more than 2 or 3 days teach me about how make portrait and designs on coral draw  after daily house chore I start my work to make portrait and after sit on computer to make fashion and as well as textile designing. Even first day when I went there on that day he give me juice and my mom also i not know what he did mixed in juice and meal that  like time was passing he give me and other girls of meal but i not know what has inside meal. every time he talked magic that i know each and every thing and listen and see. His ( bad man ) conversation has stuck in my mind and brain and i went in depression and psychosis and feel hearing sound that he called my name but in not clear sound its like mind and brain always stuck in past and I felt he can see me and listen me but before I not know its illness of brain disorder  but now mind is clear its are hallucination and illusion and delusion.


Image source by Unknown




Colorful striped background
Image source by unknown




Image and art by unknown

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