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Since 2013 When I was left that institute then my condition is too much bad I weep a lot and I have difficulty in breathing and than at time my mind and brain give MSG that he can see me and listen me and he did control my thoughts and myself by magic but its was truth he did magic on my each and every thing and I want to take revenge of that bad man ( Teacher) he did with me sexual harassment and then my brain is  giving MSG its happening with me all by magic even he knows about female menstrual circle and say take a packet pad and keep in this cupboard I bought a packet of pad and keep another cupboard even give me some things and say keep all these in your house fridge and i will be take soon he do all girls keep own cellphone in his drawer and hand bag keep in side place one day he see when I am not reach in his trap then he kick me out and say leave my place of that institute here only that girls with me that give me benefits and do sex with me and give me benefits of painting and fashion designing other girls has not allow to come and spend time there and work there.



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when my condition is too much bad hallucination and illusion and delusion is happening with me like hear sounds in whispering form and  see things in shadow foam and and see things in air move like a small thread. even slowly slowly a fear and afraid is going on top than 4 months September to December 2013 my mentally health state is not good and physically also i have bad and negatives thoughts before its look anyone put thoughts and its terrible but now i know there are own thoughts but before look and anyone reads my thoughts and they do harm me


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Image source by unknown





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