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since 2015 February  I met a man online when I was high peak in depression. I have love him by heartily. I accept that man by heart and mind. I did care a lot that I can and give a lot of love that I can do and give love and still I do,  but he hurt me too much and he used me own purpose I was fake for him and he used me like that man used girls and after used threw in bin and make a real relationship others and do marry with others. Before he show I love you but basically they do lie with me and they used us time pass when they need us and when they bored I did care him like a mother and family member and wife.


He spoke with me lie that I will marry with you and he spoke every time you are my queen and wife. he talked me every day and mostly every time 24 hours in a day and night and he want to do spend a time with me every moment I never realized he used my time a life for purpose like fake or time pass.  He say me I am beautiful and pretty  I did shared with him my whole life every moment of my life my born period till now whether its sad or happy and I trust him.


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I do shared with him my each second of life I think its was my mistake that I did I did never realized when I do shared with him my each second and moment of life he never interested in me and related my life and connect those things that my life he was never interested in my life and in me and I hurt a lot when I realized now He said me many times please don’t send me anything and any messages and please don’t do phone call when I will have time then I will call you and I not need your messages. I was never realized that I was living in a fake relationship last 2 years. he never wished me my birthday. He always force me to say hubby basically he needs a life partner  when he get a life partner he threw me and kick me out and he left me basically he  was using me last 2 years in different ways


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I always give my time my whole life and do support him and always stand for him his bad time and when he was in depression I cared him a lot and come out from him in depression but he always did used me own purpose I accept and understand his past but now I think he spoke with me lie about past. He always say about myself that I am wrong and negative girl I am thinking always negative I always do him bad. I made him relationship by heart and soul and truth but he made with me relationship fake and lie. I wish God give him punishment that he did with me and he realized on that day when I will not with him.


I always give him attention and importance and give value and did respect but he always disrespect me and did ignore me and avoid me.but I bear all his attitude behavior ignorance.



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