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Hi everyone I hope my all following fans are going well. Sorry everyone I couldn’t write and couldn’t post anything on blog because many times I’m not well, I’m too much depression and nothing feels good, depressed, sad, unhappy, unrelax, I’m ill physically by body, I have mental illness major depressive disorder and psychosis sometimes anxiety last 4 and 1/2 years. I have major illness last 17 years that I’m worried that’s irregular periods and hormones problems having PCO,S PCO,S this illness come in front this year 1st February 2018 now doctors want to confirm through blood test. I want to check up completely to know any more illnesses have body so I will contact soon doctor. I have last 17 years dandruff in scalp head hairs and it’s increased and effects my body other parts of skin. This year I contact dermatologist, endocrinologist. This year I have check my eyesight it’s clear there no problem. My body weight is too much gain its 98 kg due to illness so doctors refer me nutrition dietian. This year I take very hard decisions that I give my all artwork that I was made my own website and other social media sites / pages and want to start own artwork business making different stuff, product, but unfortunately my parents are not supporting me and not cooperative with me and not giving me money. So I give my all digital textile design, graphic design and digital abstract painting to a company free of cost. I will soon donate my all handmade paintings in hospital psychiatrist department and some few doctors. Right now I’m not feeling well so I will write soon with more details and post soon my handmade painting and drawing very love, devotion, passion, interests I had made all work but unfortunately I have to give my own work others because I have only this option.


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