Sometime I became bored because I haven’t any activities to do so bored is very hard to spend time Today I get up early morning and I haven’t activities to do so I bored and eat more unhealthy food and that’s not good for my health and it’s gain my  body weight. images (26)images (27)

Come Back on work


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Many months I haven’t job so now I have school job as a Art teacher and I have start working in school today I share with you student group activities that did work with the help of mine. My job principal call me again so I have join her school again and will start work again with special children who are disabled mentally. I will start my own Artwork also soon that I made by hand IMG_20180510_112932IMG_20180510_112924IMG_20180510_112836IMG_20180510_112848IMG_20180510_112858


I haven’t Art stuff so I’m working many years to distract ownself through different graphics apps that I want to share with you that maybe they will help you theses are very good app mostly I used theses apps for my digital and graphic Artwork. I will try share with you link then you all of can easily install Playstore first I will share with you screen shot. One is notepad there I write my all mental and physical h state and other is delightful there I write three grateful things of my life and other is recolor book app that I used to drawing for coloring Screenshot_2018-05-09-21-04-52Screenshot_2018-05-09-21-09-34



Healing And Care

This week I change psychiatrist and new psychiatrist give me new medication and take my history of mental health and family history also so after start this medicine I’m feeling better today and sleep is better due to medications