Mentally and Physically illness, Depression, Grief, Loss… 

Few days before I have joined a group to learn different courses, how to earn online money there group some members have joined me on Facebook messenger and start talking to me about daily routine life and casual and other things like a friend they beg my cellphone number and picture when I not give so they say me I’m narrow minded and complex woman,  they start to talk bad sexual thing that married woman keeps relationships with man for sex. I say change the topic when I contact my friend she is psychologist and my doctor also she says don’t give own pictures and I not give after I leave that group and blocked those persons who talk to me and suddenly again past bad sexual harassment event and that teacher man come in front of my eye by thought and I’m in depression yesterday and I have High blood pressure BP I’m not well mentally upset depressed and sad and feel not good that I did right to block new people or friends? I have inside pain that continuoulsy revolving inside me. I couldn’t express my pain anyone. I’m finishing inside why these people come in my life and I’m weeping bitterly. Nobody heals my recently friendships pain. I feel just like I lost a friend. I feel he is my good friend. I not know when he see I blocked him from messenger how’s he react of my act.


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