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Sorry for everyone I have no idea if I delete pics from media library then all images will delete in blog post today I received a comment then I did check  and now I am adding again images of my all work and blog post I can add my art work images again but not sure I can find those pics that I take different sources to relates my different blog post but I will try that same images I can find and add in blog post that you and everyone has seen and did like please stay and attach my blog and their post I hope everyone understand my problem.

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Things I Am Grateful For Part 1

Today, I am grateful for the following things:

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1. My Nanny. I am grateful for the memory I have of my Nanny. She was a strong woman who was very supportive of family. She was inspirational and I miss her terribly.

2. My friends. My friends have been very supportive of me during my MH struggles. They listen to me when I need them to listen, and they offer advice when I need advice. I am so very grateful for their support.

3. Teaching. I love to teach.