Hands of mother and daughter holding each other. Summer park in background
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  1. yesterday I went outside with mom in market to buy sandal and some staller for dying  in different colors , a clutch to do repair. When I was crossing the road then my mom hold my hand and I feel mom love and care and coziness . I found safe myself in mother lap. I felt my mom love special care and feeling that she have for me. Yesterday after a very long time me and my mom spend time together.  I did feel my mom love and I am happy that once again I found mom attention and love .


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Things I AM Grateful Thing For Part 4

Today I am grateful for the wonderful memories.

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1.  I had a memorable days many years ago. I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt in Islamabad. There I stayed 15 days. I was treated with love and affection, almost like a princess. Islamabad was was so calm to visit. There was lots of greenery and I love nature and greenery.

2.  I had joyful moments many years before when I was attending a reception ceremony of my cousin and wedding ceremony of another cousin. There was lots of love and affection as we celebrated. All of us did a group dance. I wore a very stylish bangles and dress that my aunt gave me.



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Things I Am Grateful For Part 1

Today, I am grateful for the following things:

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1. My Nanny. I am grateful for the memory I have of my Nanny. She was a strong woman who was very supportive of family. She was inspirational and I miss her terribly.

2. My friends. My friends have been very supportive of me during my MH struggles. They listen to me when I need them to listen, and they offer advice when I need advice. I am so very grateful for their support.

3. Teaching. I love to teach.