Textile Designs And Art Work



I made this grey scale by using black and white poster color If I take quantity of black color  2% so I take 1% of white color to make first color tab ( shades or tint) basically this gray color learn us to gratuity of color mixing and proportion. we can start from black side first or white side to make tints or shades If our quantity more white so we keep less quantity of black in every making shade.


Image and art by Jane Ji





Color wheel made by using primary color that is red,blue,yellow  is a basic color and after using this color make secondary color and after secondary color to using make tertiary color but only need to make proportion of color by mixing and adding color.  no need any method to make primary color its basic and natural color using theses colors make million billion colors of tints and shades

its a simple formula to make secondary color blue and yellow color make green color. Yellow and red color make orange color. Blue and red make purple color.

now secondary color make tertiary color its method this secondary green add primary yellow and its make another shade. if secondary green add more blue color its make another tertiary color. Secondary orange add more red its make another shade   and same procedure will repeat again secondary orange add yellow then make another tertiary color that call tertiary color. Secondary purple add more red its make tertiary color and if secondary purple again add more blue its make another shade of tertiary.


I did try my best to explain how make color wheel A very long time I did explain how to make tints and shades. I hope my efforts are right to convey everyone my art work how I was made.



Image and art by Jane ji





Image and art by Jane ji















I make tints to add white color in each primary color and make shade to add black color in each primary color.


Image and art by Jane ji





I make same tints and shade of secondary color  just like make before of primary colors but difference is this here I did used secondary colors and add white and black in each tab of color.



Image and art by Jane ji






I used same procedure to make tertiary colors tints and shades just like did used in primary and secondary.



Image and art by Jane ji




Image and art by Jane ji

Craze And Frustrated

Sleep was not coming and want to do something and my mind think about art to make sunflowers or palm trees  in different way so I put my sketchbook page and pick a flat straight brush and used acrylic color and try to make sunflowers in an different styles and shades of colors.

Image and art by Jane ji





Image and art by Jane ji



Image and art by Jane ji





Meditative Lily

today when I was listening meditation and read book of self care and anti-depression my mind little bit relax and I want to do some art work. I then I take black cardboard sheet and acrylic color tubes and start to make Meditative Lily with pond. I add yellow color to enhance the lily. Painting the lily added to my relaxation. I play with blue and green color to make its leaves and pond.


Image and art by Jane ji



Image and art by Jane ji



Image and art by Jane ji

My Experience with Psychotic Depression: Part 1

Image source by Unknown


Hi MY age is 28 years old I m depression patient since 2013 or may be so many years. I m suffering this mental illness till now, suddenly one incident has spoiled my life mentally and physically. Since 2013, I m on medicine till now. I m taking medicine regularly day by day my mental illness change into different disease like anxiety, psychotic, PTSD, Depression many medicines has reactions on my mental and physical both health.

I was living normal life. I had no disease in my life. I was teaching since 2009 to 2013 in between that period one day my mom was searching a fashion institute for me that will only for girls. She found a fashion institute for me there I will learn fashion skill I quit my school and home tutor job for my passion of fashion designing.

I joined that fashion institute and show my fashion skill of fashion institute owner since 2010 to 2013 between period times. I went there only for one day. He wants I join his institute and give him benefits but I don’t know what he wants what kind of that person.

Next day I went there but I see there was no learning according to international level and I quit that institute on the second day when I observed it’s not good for me it’s just wastage of time after quit fashion institute I m becoming mentally upset suddenly my school owner came in my house and she said it’s yours school don’t worry u can join any time again.

I joined my old school job and home tutor job and again start work with full devotion, just like before I did earn good name in this field. Now when 2013 came in month of May that teacher as well as of fashion institute owner to contact my mom on phone call and conveyance of again my mom now our institute atmosphere and surrounding and teaching is good now u can send own daughter for learning. Please come with your daughter.

I will conveyance her again she learn and come in this field but no one knows what is behind its purpose to call me again institute. 6th June or 8th June 2013 I was went one day with mom and he tried and said my mom she leaves me alone with him but my mom said if u want to talk so talked in front of mine.  On that day when I was reached there only for visit he hold my hand and said to me like that and treat me very special like just I m his family member.

He was trying to free with me, and said to my mom please give your daughter hand in my hand its means to say in our culture just like anyone beg your hand it understand here  for marriage. He talked my mom indirectly for marry but my mom not understand his cleverness at last he conveyance me for join once again fashion study and he said I will trained you within 6 months and he say I will give you opportunity to build a good name and earn money and will sponsor for your art work and give u links for more spread your art work in other countries.  He shows me his fashionable costumes and fine arts work and painting.

I liked his work but I not know his clever mind and his purpose why he wants to train me in fashion designing. Without fee. After few days 12th June 2013 I joined his fashion institute that institute only for girls, he has kept his  setup was in commercial building there I went next day he said to me my business partner was before my student she was gave me benefits then I teach her she gave me 1 million rupees.

Here only girl stay and who give me benefits.  If u give me benefits I will teach u all work within 6 months that other institute learn 4 to 5 years so give me all techniques of your parents specially your father my both parents are textile designers and he knows my parents are designer. He says to me why u want to make a designer many peoples in world that are not designers and they live  I said it’s my passion and I m interested in this field.

Basically I not understand many things during three months that I spend and worked there he did trapped me of his bad purpose but I was don’t know basically he wants a labor that worked under his supervision and he wants to do sex with female students   he do sex with female students but no other girls knows even I was not know he do with hide in private room he not wants I will be successful in this field.

12th June when I was joined his fashion institute he say to me here u do all work just like u do all work in your house he said to me hang my clothes and do  press I feel bad why I hold his clothes and pressed and hang his  clothes in cupboard.

He forced me all to do work like maid or female servants do work of other houses like washing clothes, cleaning of house, making food, pressing clothes, worked in kitchen, do work of personal  of house owner just like do massage of my head and do clean my wardrobe and cupboard and manage my all things and make a budget of grocery shopping.

He gave me first day full protocol just like I m his wife or queen. He said to me when I hold your hand then u feels anything I not understand his conversation. I said I not felt anything. I not know his bad mind first day he teach me how I make a portrait he give me instructions.

I follow his instructions and I start make a portrait and little bit work on Corel  draw of making fashion designs and textile he gave me instruction how I used tools of Corel draw. I start to learn new things there I was too much passionate about my work but I not know what will happen with me in future.


Image source by Unknown