Image and Art by Jane Ji 

Things I AM Grateful Thing For Part 4

Today I am grateful for the wonderful memories.

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1.  I had a memorable days many years ago. I had the opportunity to visit my Aunt in Islamabad. There I stayed 15 days. I was treated with love and affection, almost like a princess. Islamabad was was so calm to visit. There was lots of greenery and I love nature and greenery.

2.  I had joyful moments many years before when I was attending a reception ceremony of my cousin and wedding ceremony of another cousin. There was lots of love and affection as we celebrated. All of us did a group dance. I wore a very stylish bangles and dress that my aunt gave me.



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Things I Am Grateful For Part 2

Today I am grateful for childhood memories, modern technology and nature.

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1. Childhood memories. Some of my fondest childhood memories are the family trips to visit my grandfather in another city. We would listen to music as we drove through the country, seeing farms, and orchards and greenery. I remember how much I enjoyed those trips, how exciting it was to visit my grandfather.

2. My cell phone. My cell phone is important to me. It is my lifeline to online friends who live overseas. These friends provide me with support. My phone also helps me divert my thoughts away from the negative as I use it to meditate.

3. Flowers. My Nanny loved to grow flowers and I loved helping her take care of her plants. My memories of doing this are precious to me.


Inspiration From Nature

For this abstract art piece, I took inspiration from natural leaves. I created my own style by using poster colors and hand impressions and brush strokes. The background was made using water color techniques with the medium being poster colors. I always make my own color palette by mixing primary colors to create the colors I see in my mind.



Image and art by Jane ji

Image and art by Jane ji